Dear Pangaea Family,
We want to thank you for your support of the recent release "Pangaea." We see all of your messages, posts, and reviews and will do everything we can to reply to each one individually.
Many of you have quoted songs and said how much they mean to you. As added thanks once a week we will release lyrics from the album.

We really appreciate that you are listening and participating in these ideas.
Tune in Thursday midday for each new song.
One Love - Pangaea,
Toki Wright and Big Cats

Mushroom Cloud (Lyrics by Toki Wright/Music by Big Cats)
Album: Pangaea

Are we at the land’s end
Or just the end of the beginning
I was sprawled across the floor
And tracing lines against the ceiling
If the lines are not appealing
I won’t lie to make you feel ‘em
I’ve been feeling kind of odd
Even when I’m out abroad
I look over my shoulders
As the steps solidify into the sediment
The places I call home are not
The places of my residence
So home is where your heart is?
My heart is on a target used for practice
For your lifestyle that’s lavish

I tried ecstasy the day after they shot Abdulle….
I was shrooming with my girl before
She left me in a weed cloud….

Do I settle or I meddle in the metal of the machinery
Seeming to be easily adrift in the greenery
Amidst what had deemed to be the valuable
But how could it be valuable
If after atom’s blast it can’t be salvageable
Popped a lot of bottles in the club
And had the models on the rub
And told them follow as I fall into the sun
They had a lot of fun with my funds
And I felt like I had won but I lost getting off
here’s the cost
Losing all my marbles as I crawl across the marble
In hotel suite with a hotel freak
In a hotel freaked cause I figured out I’m all alone
Thrown got it bad to the bone
Pumping all the oil out the Earth’s core
Pumping on my dick ‘til it hurts sore
Tell me what could hurt more
Getting baptized in a fountain of youth
Or climb up the mountain of truth
What’s the meaning of life…to you
Mushroom Cloud

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